Lisa D. Robinson 

Too many years ago to mention…

Lisa graduated from University in Hull and embarked on a career in Sales, starting in the Printed Media Industry.

After a fantastic introduction to Area Sales within the press industry she soon moved to work as a UK National Account Manager for a unique Media company providing content to national and regional newspapers and magazines.

Lisa moved up through the company recruiting and growing a team and building revenues across various media as UK Sales Manager, working with incredible mentors and talent in her teams.

Once the dot com world began to take the business in a new direction Lisa moved to the Property world for several years before finally training in Executive Search which had always been a passion and was everything she could have wanted to do and more.

Lisa believes that success only comes from being happy and that being passionate about what you do is the only way to achieve consistent success. Her mantra is “Go after your dreams, don’t look back and let them follow you”.

Lisa’s passions outside of her business are travel, fitness and the great outdoors (along with the colour pink!), but her biggest achievement is her daughter who inspires her and amazes her every single day.

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